Lenco Marine

Lenco Marine is a reputable brand known for its high-quality marine products. They offer a wide range of products that cater to the needs of boat owners and enthusiasts. One of their popular products is the Lenco 101 Standard Actuator - 12V - 2-1/4" Stroke, which is designed for smooth and reliable operation. With its compact size and powerful motor, this actuator ensures efficient boat control.

For those who prefer a 24V system, Lenco Marine also offers the Lenco 101 Standard Actuator - 24V - 2-1/4" Stroke. This actuator provides the same durability and performance but with the advantage of a higher voltage system. It is perfect for larger boats and demanding marine conditions.

The Lenco 101Xd Extreme Duty Actuator is ideal for boaters seeking maximum durability and strength. Available in both 12V and 24V options, these actuators feature 2-1/4" stroke length and come with varying hardware options such as 5/16" and 3/8" sizes. They are designed to withstand harsh marine environments, ensuring reliable performance even in extreme conditions.

For boats that require a longer stroke length, the Lenco 102 Series Standard Actuator - 12V - 4-1/4" Stroke is an excellent choice. This actuator provides a longer stroke length, allowing for better control and stability. It is built to last and can handle the demands of heavy-duty marine applications.

To ensure easy installation and secure mounting, Lenco Marine also offers the Lenco Upper Mounting Bracket W/Gland Seal. This bracket is compatible with models from 2008 to the present, making it versatile and convenient for boat owners.

In conclusion, Lenco Marine is a trusted brand that offers a wide range of high-quality marine products. From standard actuators to extreme duty actuators, they have options to meet every boater's needs. Their products are built to last and excel in challenging marine environments. If you're looking for reliable boat control and durability, Lenco Marine is the brand to trust.
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